Addressable Locks in $13.5M Funding

In a groundbreaking stride towards reshaping the landscape of Web3 growth marketing, Addressable, a dynamic company hailing from the tech hub of Tel Aviv, has just sealed the deal on a remarkable $13.5 million in funding.

This cash injection, led by BITKRAFT Ventures and featuring strategic heavyweight Karatage alongside existing champions Viola Ventures, Fabric Ventures, Mensch Capital Partners, and others, is poised to catapult Addressable into new realms of possibility.

The Genesis of Addressable’s Vision

Founded in the vibrant month of June 2022 by the formidable trio – Tomer Sharoni, Tomer Shlomo, and Dr. Asaf Nadler – Addressable has swiftly become the veritable torchbearer of the Web3 growth marketing industry.

Their unique proposition lies in empowering marketers to traverse the uncharted territories of Web3 by seamlessly connecting blockchain and social data.

This innovative approach unlocks the ability to decipher on-chain and off-chain behavior, utilizing the vast expanse of big data for precision tracking of campaign performance.

Fueling Growth and Beyond

With a mission to enrich its Web3 growth suite, Addressable’s strategic utilization of the freshly acquired funds is set to extend its reach across new ad networks and blockchains.

The infusion of capital is not just about numbers; it symbolizes a resolute commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in the realms of decentralized finance, gaming, blockchain infrastructure, services, and exchanges.

Addressable’s Impressive Track Record

Currently catering to over 50 clients and orchestrating a staggering 750 campaigns, Addressable has become the go-to for marketers seeking to captivate Web3 audiences.

Their playbooks crafted for Gaming, DeFi, Blockchain Infrastructure, Services, and Exchanges stand as a testament to their versatility and keen understanding of diverse market needs.

The Faces Behind Addressable’s Success

Fueling this remarkable journey are the 24 brilliant minds that constitute the Addressable team.

Geographically dispersed across offices in Tel Aviv, New York, London, and Madrid, their collective expertise converges to drive innovation, ensuring Addressable remains at the forefront of Web3 marketing evolution.

A Glimpse into the Future

As Addressable strides confidently into the future, the funding serves not just as a financial boost but as a validation of their vision.

This injection of capital isn’t merely about dollars; it’s about backing a transformative force that is reshaping the future of marketing in the decentralized era.

In essence, Addressable Funding isn’t just a financial transaction; it’s a commitment to unraveling the full potential of Web3 marketing, one campaign at a time.

The journey has just begun, and the world of decentralized possibilities awaits.

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