Clarix Imaging Gets $10M Funding

In a significant stride for the medical world, Clarix Imaging, a San Francisco and Chicago-based medical technology company, has secured a substantial $10 million in funding from Kineo Finance.

This Clarix Imaging funding is poised to be a game-changer in the field of precision and personalized medicine.

At the helm of this innovative venture is CEO Xiao Han, leading a team of medical imaging scientists from the University of Chicago (UC).

What’s the Mission of Clarix Imaging?

To empower clinicians with cutting-edge technology for clear tumor visualization and intelligent analysis, all in the pursuit of precision and personalized medicine.

Clarix Imaging’s flagship product, the FDA-cleared Volumetric Specimen Imager (VSI-360), is a game-changer in breast cancer surgeries like lumpectomy.

This remarkable technology brings 3D specimen imaging right to the fingertips of surgeons and radiologists in real-time.

What sets VSI-360 apart is its ability to generate a 3D representation of the specimen, allowing users to visualize tumors in thin image slices without the interference of overlapping tissues.

This funding signifies more than just financial support; it’s a commitment to advancing the future of medical technology.

Clarix Imaging Funding will fuel growth, accelerate development efforts, and pave the way for more groundbreaking innovations in the field of precision medicine.

As Clarix Imaging continues its mission to provide clarity and precision in the medical world, we eagerly anticipate the transformative impact of this funding on the future of healthcare.

Clarix Imaging Funding is not just an investment; it’s a step toward more accurate diagnoses and improved patient outcomes.

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