ClinOne Completes $2M Series A Funding Round

In the rapidly evolving landscape of clinical trials, technology is becoming increasingly indispensable.

ClinOne, a Needham, MA-based company, is taking the lead in this transformation. Recently, they raised an additional $2 million in Series A funding to supercharge their efforts.

The Power of Connecting, Informing, and Empowering

ClinOne’s mission is clear: to connect, inform, and empower patients, care partners, and clinical trial sites worldwide.

Their technology platform is designed to enhance the patient experience and streamline the clinical trial process.

With comprehensive data insights and standards-based interoperability, ClinOne offers a single platform for trial awareness, consent management, and patient experience/retention.

Proven Impact in Diverse Therapeutic Areas

This is not just a lofty goal; ClinOne’s solutions have already made a substantial impact.

Used by more than 80 sponsors, Contract Research Organizations (CROs), and site networks in over 60 countries, their technology simplifies processes across various therapeutic areas.

From Oncology to Rare Diseases, Pediatrics, the Elderly, and Central Nervous System (CNS) trials, ClinOne’s approach is versatile and effective.

Expanding on Initial Success

The initial Series A funding round, led by Boulder Ventures and featuring participation from existing investors, was announced in April.

This additional funding round includes the partnership of Boulder Ventures and Highpoint Ventures. It’s an exciting development that demonstrates the strong support for ClinOne’s vision.

Expanding on Initial Success

In addition to securing more funding, ClinOne is bolstering its leadership. Katherine Vandebelt and JeanMarie Markham have been appointed to the company’s board.

With their extensive experience and strategic insights, they’re set to contribute significantly to ClinOne’s growth and success.

What’s Next for ClinOne?

With this funding and the support of experienced board members, ClinOne is well-positioned to continue its expansion.

Their commitment to making clinical trials more patient-centric and efficient bodes well for the future of medical research. As technology continues to transform the healthcare industry, companies like ClinOne are leading the way.

In conclusion, ClinOne’s ability to secure additional funding for its innovative platform is a promising sign for the future of clinical trials. Their work not only benefits the industry but also the countless patients involved in these trials.

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