DigitalOwl Hits $12M Jackpot in Latest Funding Endeavor

In a groundbreaking move, DigitalOwl, the dynamic insurance technology powerhouse hailing from Tel Aviv and NYC, has just clinched a hefty $12 million investment from none other than RGA.

This latest financial boost propels DigitalOwl’s total funding to an impressive $38 million, marking a significant milestone since its inception.

At the helm of this innovative venture are CEO Yuval Man and CTO Amit Man, visionaries leading the charge in transforming the insurance landscape.

DigitalOwl is not your run-of-the-mill insurtech; it’s a game-changer, leveraging advanced AI to decode and metamorphose medical records into a digital underwriting abstract that’s as comprehensive as it is interactive.

What sets DigitalOwl apart is its commitment to efficiency.

Imagine a platform that turbocharges the speed at which insurance companies analyze medical documents and summarize cases.

No need to imagine – that’s exactly what DigitalOwl delivers.

Through the wizardry of artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP), the platform automatically dissects medical documents, providing a nuanced understanding that goes beyond the surface.

In a bold move in 2023, DigitalOwl introduced a cutting-edge solution, a Generative AI model tailor-made for insurance-based medical case analysis.

This revolutionary model, meticulously crafted over two years, churns out case summaries, documents, and medical events in an unrestricted language.

It’s decision-making in the blink of an eye, capturing every subtle nuance necessary for informed choices.

But hold on, the story doesn’t end there. Fast forward to 2024, and DigitalOwl is gearing up to launch an insurance policy underwriting engine.

Yes, you heard it right – an engine fueled by its self-developed Generative AI powerhouse.

Picture this: AI models mirroring decision-making processes for both organizations and policyholders, providing a detailed report on their activities with just a click.

It’s not just about innovation; it’s about aligning with the ever-evolving landscape of AI usage regulations.

Enter RGA, the strategic partner in this technological revolution.

As part of the collaboration, RGA will lend its expertise, providing experienced actuaries, claims adjusters, and legal experts to finesse the development process.

It’s a synergy of visionaries and industry stalwarts coming together to redefine the future of insurance.

Currently boasting a team of 70 talented individuals spread across Israel and the United States, DigitalOwl is more than just a company; it’s a force reshaping the contours of the insurance industry.

In closing, DigitalOwl Funding isn’t just about financial injections; it’s about injecting vitality into an industry that’s ripe for transformation.

Buckle up – the future of insurance is unfolding, and DigitalOwl is steering the wheel.

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