Bangalore’s Fasal Blooms with INR 100 Crore Funding!

In a groundbreaking stride toward revolutionizing precision farming, Fasal, hailing from the vibrant tech hub of Bangalore, India, has successfully clinched a Series-A funding round, raking in a whopping INR 100 crore.

The illustrious lineup of backers boasts an impressive global ensemble, featuring heavyweights such as British International Investment, TDK Ventures, ITI Growth Opportunities Fund, Navam Capital, and Aureolis Ventures. Adding to the crescendo are the steadfast existing investors, including 3one4 Capital, Omnivore, Wavemaker Partners, Genting Ventures, and The Yield Labs Asia Pacific.

Harvesting Innovation: Fasal’s Grand Plans Unveiled

With the coffers now brimming, Fasal is poised to thrust itself into an exciting phase of expansion and innovation.

The strategic allocation of funds will spearhead accelerated research and development endeavors, with a keen focus on elevating their proprietary farm IoT-crop intelligence technology to unprecedented heights.

This pioneering approach aims to fuel the development of cutting-edge cross-industry data products, ultimately nurturing a carbon-negative agriculture value chain.

Geographical Horizons and B2B Brilliance: Fasal Fresh’s Odyssey

Fasal’s grand vision extends beyond the borders of India, with plans to spread its wings across Southeast Asia and Africa.

The infusion of funds will be the catalyst for the amplification of its business footprint, showcasing the prowess of its B2B brand, Fasal Fresh. This ambitious diversification aims to capture new markets and redefine the landscape of precision horticulture globally.

Roots of Precision: Fasal’s Journey and Technological Marvels

Founded in 2018 by the dynamic duo Ananda Verma and Shailendra Tiwari, Fasal is a beacon of precision horticulture.

At its core, the company harnesses the formidable trifecta of AI, crop sciences, and IoT to deliver farm-level, crop-specific, and crop-stage-specific intelligence.

The overarching goal? To optimize crucial resources like water and pesticides, catapulting farm productivity to new heights while ensuring the delivery of high-quality, traceable produce.

Since the commercialization of its technological marvels, Fasal has left an indelible mark on over 75,000 acres of horticulture farmland.

A testament to its efficacy lies in the diverse range of crops it has influenced, including grapes, pomegranates, bananas, apples, chili, cardamom, and more.

Farmers, armed with Fasal’s patented IoT-crop intelligence technology, have not only grown more but have done so with an unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability.

Fasal Funding: A Beacon of Agricultural Transformation

As the curtain rises on Fasal’s Series-A funding triumph, it beckons a new era for precision farming.

The infusion of resources not only amplifies Fasal’s capabilities but also sets the stage for a global agricultural metamorphosis.

Fasal Funding isn’t merely an investment headline; it’s a clarion call for sustainable, tech-driven agriculture that transcends borders and cultivates a brighter, greener future.

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