Hybr Nets £3.24M in Funding

Hybr, the brains behind the ultimate crib-hunting platform in Bristol, just scored big with a whopping £3.24 million in funding.

Buckle up, because this isn’t just another round of cash; it’s a game-changer for first-time renters, especially those fresh-faced students and recent grads.

So, who’s throwing their financial weight behind this rental revolution?

Well, hold onto your rental agreements because we’ve got Blackwood Ventures, Adjuvo, and even the Atomico Angel Programme’s Alec Dent joining the funding fiesta.

Not to mention, some heavy-hitting individuals have jumped on the Hybr hype train.

Picture this: former CEOs of The Office Group, the incredible Hannah Rothschild, serial entrepreneur Debbie Wosskow, and Rosemary Leith, plus the former Bupa bigwig Evelyn Bourke – they’re all in.

What’s Hybr’s Secret Sauce?

Picture a platform that’s like the Tinder of renting but without the awkward first dates.

Hannah Chappatte, the brainiac behind it all, leads the charge.

Here’s the lowdown: Hybr links up eager young renters with landlords who have the golden stamp of approval. It’s not just about finding a place; it’s about crafting an entire experience. Think of pre-qualified tenants and landlords living in perfect harmony.

Here’s the kicker – this matchmaking magic doesn’t cost the fresh-faced renters a dime.

Yep, you heard it right. Free as the wind!

Hybr’s got hearts in its eyes for 10 cities in the UK already, including the big players like London, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, and Sheffield.

But guess what? They’re not stopping there. Brace yourselves because they’re gearing up to conquer 20 more university cities in the next 12 months. Talk about ambition!

Let’s not forget the Hybr Funding fairy dust. This cash infusion isn’t just for throwing a lavish office party.

No, siree! It’s all about expanding the Hybr empire. With this treasure chest of funds, they’re plotting to spread their wings, soar into new territories, and make renting a seamless symphony across the nation.

So, whether you’re a student itching for that perfect studio or a landlord looking for dream tenants, keep your eyes on Hybr.

The rental game just got a serious upgrade, and Hybr Funding is the golden ticket paving the way.

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