Local Infusion Secures $10 Million Boost in Series A Investment Round

Celebrations are in order as Local Infusion, the Nashville-based pioneer of tech-enabled infusion centers, has just secured a whopping $10 million in Series A funding.

This financial boost, spearheaded by the visionary Blisce, along with enthusiastic contributions from Meridian Street Capital and steadfast existing investors, is set to propel Local Infusion into an exciting new chapter of expansion and innovation.

Led by the dynamic Woody Baum, Founder, and CEO, Local Infusion stands at the forefront of a healthcare revolution.

Picture this: infusion centers designed not just for treatment but as an experience, featuring private suites adorned with amenities like WiFi, TV, and extra seating for guests.

But that’s not all—dedicated infusion guides ensure that patients receive top-notch scheduling and financial guidance. It’s not just healthcare; it’s a holistic approach to well-being.

Over the past year, Local Infusion has undergone a meteoric rise, from the inauguration of its first center in December to now proudly operating in four locations across Maine and New Hampshire.

The infusion therapy provider boasts partnerships with over 220 physicians in the Northeast, a testament to its commitment to quality care. But the story doesn’t end there.

What sets Local Infusion apart is its strategic collaboration with payors and employers, covering a staggering 1.3 million lives.

This isn’t just about administering treatment; it’s about working hand-in-hand with primary care groups to redefine care coordination and drive down the overall cost of care for at-risk entities.

In essence, it’s a partnership for a healthier future.

Now, armed with a $10 million war chest from the Series A funding, Local Infusion is gearing up for a strategic expansion into the Northeastern U.S.

The ambitious plan includes setting up 16 additional centers in four new states. It’s not just about physical growth; it’s about reaching more lives, and making a difference where it matters.

But it doesn’t stop there. Local Infusion has its sights set on nurturing talent, with key leadership positions in operations, payor partnerships, strategic finance, business development, and marketing in the hiring crosshairs.

This isn’t just a company expanding physically; it’s an ecosystem expanding intellectually.

And let’s talk tech. Local Infusion isn’t just satisfied with being a healthcare provider; it’s investing in cutting-edge proprietary machine learning technologies.

Why? To power referral and care coordination, ensuring that the patient experience isn’t just seamless but is at the forefront of technological advancement.

As we raise a toast to Local Infusion’s Series A success, it’s not just about the funds; it’s about the promise of a brighter, healthier future.

From private suites to strategic partnerships, this is more than a funding announcement—it’s a proclamation that healthcare is evolving, and Local Infusion is leading the charge.

Here’s to the infusion of innovation, care, and a future where well-being isn’t just a treatment plan but a way of life. Cheers to Local Infusion, the architects of a healthier tomorrow!

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