Check out Captivating Hot Photos of Megan Fox

Check out Hot Photos of Megan Fox. Megan Fox is one of the most beautiful women in the world and there is no question as to why she has such a big fan following. Megan Fox starred in the superhit movie “Transformers” in the year 2007. The actress was born in Tennessee and she earned a lot of fame overnight. 

Blazing Hot Megan Fox Black and White HD Image

Gorgious Hot Photos Megan Fox Black and White HD Image

Megan Fox was seen on the cover of various popular magazines like GQ UK, Elle and Maxim and many others. 

Hot Megan Fox Hot HD image

In 2008 Megan Fox was given the title “sexiest woman in the world” by Men’s Magazines after she became a global sensation in the Transformers movie.

Gorgeous Megan Fox in a car playing with her hair Hot Image

Gorgious Megan Fox in Car playing with her Hair Hot Image

Megan Fox has played the role in the popular movie “Jennifer Body” which was a horror movie released in 2009 directed by Karyn Kusama and another popular Action & SciFi movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles released in 2014 directed by Jonathan Liebesman.

Gorgeous Megan Fox in sexy black dress Image

Hot Photos of Megan Fox in Sexy Black Dress Image

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Megan Fox Hot Photos

Megan Fox is married to actor Brian Austin Green. Megan Fox is living a happy life with her husband and is the parents of 3 children. Many fans have known Megan Fox through her on-screen roles but there is a lot more to know about her from her love of reading comics to her ability to speak in tongues.

Blazing Hot Megan Fox HD Black Sexy HD Dress

Megan Fox revealed in an interview in  2009 She said that she was raised in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, which is a rural area and it is a semi mountain town. When she was a child she used to see her father hunting ducks and her mother putting them into the pot. They had very little money and were living very modestly.

Sizzling Hot Megan Fox Hot Selfie HD Image

Megan Fox Hot Selfie HD Image

At the age of 2, Megan decided to be an actress.  At the age of 4 or 5, she watched the movie “the wizard of OZ” and for that year Megan asked her mother to call her Dorothy. After hearing Megan’s from Megan her mother replied that there is no such person like Dorothy. Instead, there is a person who is playing the role of Dorothy.

Hot Megan Fox Hottest HD Image

Megan Fox Hottest HD Image

Megan Fox has appeared as an extra in the popular action film Bad Boys II  starring Will Smith. The crew was shooting at the club when they brought Megan to the club. She was wearing 6 inch high heels a striped bikini and a red cowboy hat. As Megan was 15. She was too young to sit at the bar or have a drink at the bar so the director of the movie made her dance underneath a waterfall instead.

Sexy Hot Megan Fox in a public event fox and I heard Radio Event HD Image Biographia

It was heard from the news that Megan Fox feuded with the director Michael Bay who directed the movie Transformers: Revenge of the fallen released in 2009.  She ignited the fuel when she was in an interview with Wonderland Magazine and revealed a long time feud between fox and director Michale Bay.

Hot Megan Fox in black designer dress Image

Hot Photos of Megan Fox

In an interview with Wonderland, Magazine Fox said that Michael Bay is like Napoleon and he wants to stay as insane, infamous and maintain his madman reputation. He is like Hitler on sets and yes he is. Later adding to this statement she also said that Working for him is like a nightmare and later at offsets when Michel is not in his director mode he is so awkward, hopelessly awkward and has no social skills at all. He is fragile, vulnerable in real life and a tyrant when he is on sets.

Sizzling Hot Megan Fox in her bikini with a jacket on and short skirt HD Picture Biographia

several months later again Megan Fox told the New York Times that the crew of Transformers wrote in an open letter that Megan Fox is classless, graceless and shall they say an unfriendly bitch.

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Megan Fox Hot Photos Near Nude

Hot Photos of Megan Fox

Even after a long unending feud between Michal Bay and Megan Fox.  In 2014 they made amends and both of them worked together on the sets of the film “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

Megan Fox in red Designer dress Biography Biographia

Megan Fox in Makeup Selfie Hot HD Image

In an interview with GQ UK in 2009. Megan Fox revealed how she became sick when she was trying to decrease weight for her role in the movie “Jennifer Body ”. She was a flesh-eating Zombie and the movie was a horror-comedy film. She was so sick that her hair has started falling out and she said that she was like OH, FUCK I CANT DO THIS.

Megan Fox in red Designer dress Biography BIographia

Megan Fox in Red Designer Dress

In August 2014 the Interview with Cosmopolitan Megan Fox said that she does not have many friends and she said that she is not a social butterfly. She is not competitive jealous or catty. When it comes to friends she has only one best friend and her name is Mindy and she is a facialist.  Adding to her statement she said she doesn’t have many guy friends either. I am not a social butterfly neither lonely nor isolated. I have a one really great friend and that’s all I need.

Hot Megan Fox in red Designer Dress Hot photo-shoot

Megan Fox in Red Desinger Dress Hot photoshoot HD Image

Fox has Clubbed thumbs. Clubbed thumbs means in medical language that the thumb is relatively shorter and round with a wider nail bed. It is called brachydactyly. This condition tends to be hereditary.

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Sizzling Hot Megan Fox in a white designer dress Bold HD Image

According to the Daily Express When Megan Fox was a teenager. She was caught multiple times stealing Makeup Kit from Walmart. She said that I don’t know whether the ban was for a lifetime. She said that when she was 14 years or 15 years old she did get caught for stealing Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen cosmetics from Walmart. Later she said that she was actually taken to the court where she was given two projects either to start wrapping gifts for Christmas which was awesome or the Walmart staff will wear her a sign that she stole from WallMart and stand her outside the WallMart for three days.

Hot Megan Fox in White Designer dress selfie HD Image

“They actually took me into the court and I had two choices and I took the second choice, which was wrapping gifts for Christmas, which was awesome, it wasn’t really a punishment. The other one was they were gonna make me wear a sign that said I stole from Wal-Mart and stand outside Wal-Mart for three days.”

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Hot Megan Fox photo-shoot near Book Shelf HD Image

In an episode of TBS “Conan”, Megan Fox revealed that she has a phobia of flying. She listens to Britney Spears songs while she is on the flight from Place A to Place B. Megan Fox said that it is not my destiny to die listening to a Britney Spears Album. When I am flying it won’t crash as long as I have Britney on. Later Megan Fox said that she developed a fear of flying when she turned 20 and all of sudden she got afraid to get on aeroplanes.

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Blazing Hot Megan Fox Sexy Pose HD Picture

Megan Fox Sexy Hot Picture

Megan Fox Sexy Pose HD Picture

Megan Fox Sexy Pose HD Picture

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Sexy Megan Fox HD Image Biography Biographia

Sexy Megan Fox HD Image

Sexy Megan Fox HD Image

Sexy Megan Fox HD Image

Sexy Megan Fox in a balcony HD Image Biographia

Sexy Megan Fox in a Balcony HD Image

Sexy Megan Fox in blue bikini HD Image

Sexy Megan Fox in Blue Bikini HD Image

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Sexy Megan Fox in white designer dress HD Image

Sexy Megan Fox in White Designer Dress HD Image

Sexy Megan Fox on bed Hot HD Picture

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