refurbed Secures $57M Series C Funding for Sustainable Tech Revolution

refurbed, an Austrian-based online marketplace for refurbished tech products, has secured $57 million in Series C funding, led by Evli Growth Partners and C4 Ventures, with participation from All Iron Venture and Speedinvest.

Founded in 2017, refurbed aims to redefine the tech marketplace by offering eco-conscious consumers a wide range of fully refurbished electronic devices, all backed by at least a twelve-month warranty.

This funding round represents a significant step towards achieving Refurbed’s mission of making sustainable technology accessible to everyone.

With a product range encompassing more than 18,000 items, from smartphones and laptops to household appliances, gaming consoles, and bicycles, refurbed is present in seven countries, including Ireland, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, and The Netherlands.

The Importance of Refurbished Technology

The electronic waste problem is a global concern, with millions of tons of discarded devices filling landfills each year.

refurbed’s innovative approach not only extends the lifespan of tech products but also reduces electronic waste.

By providing refurbished items with warranties, they offer customers reliable and eco-friendly alternatives. This model aligns with a growing eco-conscious consumer base and contributes to the reduction of e-waste.

refurbed’s Remarkable Growth

Since its inception, Refurbed has experienced remarkable growth, proving that consumers are eager to embrace refurbished technology.

The $57 million Series C funding will play a pivotal role in expanding Refurbed’s operations and business reach, further promoting sustainable practices in the tech industry.

Environmental Impact and Future Plans

By refurbishing technology products and extending their life cycles, Refurbed is making a significant impact on the environment.

Their commitment to offering warranties ensures that customers can trust in the quality and longevity of their purchases.

refurbed’s ambitious expansion plans include reaching more countries and offering an even broader range of refurbished products. The company is dedicated to making a sustainable lifestyle more accessible to consumers worldwide.

Closing Thoughts

refurbed’s Series C funding is not just a financial milestone; it represents a significant step toward achieving a more sustainable future for tech consumers.

As refurbed continues to grow and expand its reach, the positive impact on the environment is undeniable.

With refurbed, customers have a reliable and eco-conscious option for their tech needs, aligning with the ever-increasing demand for sustainable solutions.

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