Soly Secures a €30 Million Boost in Funding

Soly is basking in a bright solar spotlight as it secures a dazzling €30 million in funding, marking a significant leap forward for the Netherlands-based renewable energy trailblazer.

This financial boost comes as a result of a strategic partnership led by the forward-thinking ArcTern Ventures, teaming up with the U.S.-based powerhouse Fifth Wall.

The stellar support doesn’t stop there, with heavyweights Shell Ventures and the pension fund ABP returning to the Soly fold.

At the helm of this green energy juggernaut are the visionary brothers Patrick and Milan van der Meulen, who founded Soly in 2013 with a mission as ambitious as their solar panels are efficient: to make solar energy accessible to all.

This isn’t just about selling and leasing solar systems; it’s a comprehensive endeavor that spans batteries and charging stations. Picture this as an energy revolution, where Soly is not just illuminating homes and businesses but also lighting up the global stage.

So, what’s the game plan with this substantial financial backing? Soly is setting its sights on new horizons, intending to cast its solar glow over countries like Italy, Spain, France, and Scandinavia.

This expansion isn’t just geographical; it’s a commitment to delivering innovative energy services that go beyond the conventional.

Currently operating in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, South Africa, and Italy, Soly is not content with resting on its laurels.

The company’s certification as a B Corp solidifies its dedication to sustainable business practices. But Soly’s vision extends far beyond accolades – they’re on a mission to power up over 500,000 households and businesses with renewable energy by the end of the decade, a goal that’s both audacious and inspiring.

The Soly Funding isn’t just a financial injection; it’s a catalyst for change.

It’s about propelling solar energy into the forefront of the global energy landscape.

It’s about bringing innovation to the table and making renewable energy not just an option but the preferred choice for households and businesses alike.

As the sun sets on this funding milestone, it’s clear that Soly is harnessing more than just solar power.

They’re tapping into the potential to reshape the way we think about and consume energy.

So, here’s to Soly and their journey towards a brighter, greener future – one solar panel at a time.

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