Spotted Zebra’s Leap Forward with £7.7M Series A Funding

Spotted Zebra, the London-based HR tech trailblazer is on the rise with a £7.7 million Series A funding boost.

Led by Nauta Capital, with backing from Act VC, Playfair Capital, and Entrepreneur First, this infusion of funds is set to take Spotted Zebra to new heights.

At the helm is CEO Ian Monk, and their mission is nothing short of reshaping how organizations handle their talent.

Spotted Zebra’s workforce management platform offers a trio of powerful applications: one for hiring, another for reskilling, and a third for succession planning.

What Sets them Apart?

It’s the combination of AI, assessment science, and human expertise that empowers organizations to pinpoint the exact skill sets required for specific roles.

This means a wider pool of talent and, crucially, candidates who excel in their jobs. It’s a game-changer compared to traditional recruitment methods.

Spotted Zebra doesn’t stop at recruitment; they’re revolutionizing reskilling too. By matching vacant positions with employees whose roles are evolving, they’re ensuring that organizations adapt swiftly and efficiently to change.

Founded in 2020, Spotted Zebra is already making waves among FTSE100 companies.

With the recent £7.7 million funding injection, they’re gearing up to expand into new sectors and markets, bolster their team, and broaden their product suite.

Spotted Zebra Funding isn’t just about investments; it’s an investment in the future of talent management.

Discover how this HR tech innovator is changing the game, one decision at a time.

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