Third Time Entertainment Secures $2 Million in Funding

Virtual horse racing has taken a giant leap into the future, thanks to Third Time Entertainment, a game development studio based in Orlando, Florida.

Their groundbreaking creation, Photo Finish™ LIVE, has not only redefined the virtual gaming landscape but also caught the attention of investors, leading to a successful $2 million Seed Plus funding round.

Revolutionizing the Virtual Racing Experience

Third Time Entertainment’s success story begins with their blockchain-based virtual horse racing game, Photo Finish™ LIVE. Unlike traditional virtual games, this Solana blockchain-based simulator introduces a level of realism that’s unprecedented.

Players can engage in virtual horse racing and, remarkably, earn real money rewards within the game.

The virtual horse racing ecosystem created by Photo Finish™ LIVE mirrors the real-world counterpart, encompassing elements such as horse genealogy, characteristics, and life cycles.

This attention to detail has captivated horse racing enthusiasts and gamers alike, as they delve into the immersive world of virtual horse racing.

Strategic Partnership with Churchill Downs

The game’s journey to stardom reached new heights with a strategic partnership between Third Time Entertainment and Churchill Downs, the legendary home of the Kentucky Derby.

This collaboration catapulted Photo Finish™ LIVE into the spotlight as the Official Game of the Kentucky Derby. It also earned the exclusive privilege of hosting a monthly Virtual Kentucky Derby event.

Extraordinary Success and Financial Gains

Since its official launch in late April, Photo Finish™ LIVE has taken the virtual gaming community by storm.

The platform recorded more than $4 million in revenue through virtual horse sales within its in-game marketplace.

Additionally, an impressive $3.5 million has been generated from entry fees as players enthusiastically participate in the virtual horse racing phenomenon.

Breeding virtual horses has become a trend, with players investing over $1.3 million in hopes of breeding the next champion of the Virtual Kentucky Derby. This widespread engagement and financial success demonstrate the game’s remarkable appeal and profitability.

Continued Expansion and Innovation

The $2 million Seed Plus funding round, led by the multi-strategy investment firm Sfermion, represents a significant milestone in Third Time Entertainment’s journey.

It provides the studio with the necessary resources to expand its product offerings, strengthen its team, and explore strategic partnerships.

As Third Time Entertainment’s innovative approach to virtual horse racing continues to capture the imagination of players and investors alike, the future looks promising for Photo Finish™ LIVE.


Third Time Entertainment’s success story is a testament to the potential of blockchain technology in revolutionizing virtual gaming.

The Third Time Entertainment funding secured in this round will undoubtedly contribute to further innovation and growth, ensuring that the virtual horse racing experience remains exciting and rewarding for players worldwide.

Investors’ confidence in the future of Photo Finish™ LIVE underscores the game’s unique position in the gaming industry.

As it continues to thrive, horse racing enthusiasts and gamers can look forward to even more thrilling experiences in the world of virtual horse racing.

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