WAmazing Secures JPY 1.4 Billion Boost in Series C Funding Round

In a groundbreaking stride towards redefining the landscape of tourism in Japan, WAmazing, a Tokyo-based startup, has secured a whopping JPY 1.4 Billion in additional Series C funding.

This financial injection propels WAmazing’s cumulative Series C funding to a staggering JPY 2.01 billion, marking a remarkable milestone since its inception in July 2016.

The total funds raised, an impressive JPY 4.53 billion, underscore the resounding confidence investors have in WAmazing’s vision and potential.

Behind this resounding success is a consortium of backers, a constellation of strategic partners that reads like a who’s who in the investment world.

Notable contributors include Hyogo Chiiki Kasseika Fund Investment LPS, Chugin Infinity Fund NO.2 investment limited partnership, SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS INC., Japan Post Capital Co., Ltd., and many more.

This diverse lineup of supporters reflects not only a financial endorsement but a collective belief in the transformative power of WAmazing.

So, what exactly is WAmazing and why is it causing such a buzz?

At its core, WAmazing is a trailblazing tourism platform, a beacon for overseas travelers seeking to unlock the full potential of their Japanese adventure. CEO Fumiko Kato leads the charge, and under her visionary leadership, WAmazing has become synonymous with a seamless and immersive travel experience.

At the heart of WAmazing’s offering is a comprehensive online platform, spanning the web, app, and WeChat, that orchestrates centralized travel reservations across five key consumption categories: accommodation, sightseeing, shopping, transportation, and food & beverage.

It’s not just a travel service; it’s a symphony of convenience that elevates the entire journey for inbound tourists.

One distinctive feature that sets WAmazing apart is its commitment to connectivity. Imagine landing at a Japanese airport and being handed a free SIM card, courtesy of WAmazing.

This isn’t a distant dream but a reality at 25 airports across Japan with regular international flights.

The aim?

To build a community of registered members, fostering a network that transcends borders and enhances the travel experience for all.

Now, let’s talk strategy.

WAmazing isn’t merely content with financial infusion; it’s all about strategic growth.

The funds will be a catalyst for capital and business alliances, forging new partnerships with strategic investors keen on fortifying their inbound business. Collaborations with regional banks are also on the horizon, a move aimed at revitalizing local communities through inbound tourism.

As we delve into the regional footprint, WAmazing’s influence radiates across Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Southeast Asian countries, and Australia.

It’s not just about serving the travelers but creating an ecosystem that resonates with the unique flavors of each region, making WAmazing a global player in the tourism arena.

In essence, the WAmazing Funding isn’t just about financial numbers; it’s a testament to the evolving dynamics of the travel industry.

It’s a nod to innovation, a salute to a company that doesn’t just facilitate travel but transforms it into an unforgettable odyssey. As the journey continues,

WAmazing stands poised to reshape the narrative of Japanese tourism, one funded venture at a time.

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