Questions on DURANT's change of heart!

Recently, Brooklyn Nets GM Sean Marks confirmed the meeting between Tsai, Durant, his manager, & Nash.

The meeting concluded with a collective goal in mind to win the 2023 NBA Championship & Kevin Durant withdrawing his trade request.

But, Kevin Durant's sudden change of heart has left everyone with these questions!

QUESTION 1 Durant had requested that the duo of Nash & Marks be fired, now suddenly everything seems to be resolved!

QUESTION 2 Does Kevin Durant's decision to withdraw his trade request will have any impact on the Nets' winning chances this season?

QUESTION 3 With Durant back into the Nets' mix will make their roster complete now?

QUESTION 4 As we all know Durant in June requested for the trade, so is there any assurance that in the middle of the season he won't ask again to be traded?

QUESTION 5 How Kevin Durant will see eye to eye with NETS' GM Sean Marks & Coach Steve Nash?

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