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8 HUGE Royal Scandals Of Queen Elizabeth's Reign

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Prince Andrew

Queen’s third child is involved in the Epstein child Sex Trafficking case. A victim, Virginia, showed proof of assault as well.

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Nerissa and Katherine Bowes-Lyon

The Queen's first cousins' had fake death anniversaries because of disabilities and were hidden at a mental institute. The truth was revealed in 1987.

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Prince Harry

Elizabeth II’s grandson was seen wearing a Nazi costume to a party when he was 20. Well the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, right?

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Princess Anne

Anne, the Queen’s daughter had extremely intimate letters between her and her lover Timothy Laurence released by a tabloid.

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Diana & Charles

After divorcing Charles, Diana admitted in an interview that there were three people in her marriage alluding to his affair with Camilla.

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Meghan & Harry

In 2020, Meghan & Harry announced they were stepping back from their royal duties after Meghan was harassed by the British media.

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Prince Archie

In Meghan’s Oprah interview she revealed the royal family had concerns about Archie’s skin color before birth receiving a huge backlash.

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Princess Margaret

The Queen’s sister fell in love with a married man, Peter Townsend but even after his divorce the church forbade their marriage.

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