CAN'T MISS! Cobra Kai Season 5 Trailer OUT!

Netflix's action-packed drama Cobra Kai is back with SEASON 5 under Terry Silver’s dominion & it's going to be a roller-costar ride.

The trailer for Cobra Kai shows repercussions of the ‘All Valley Tournament’ where Johnny is now an Uber driver & Daniel has bid adieu to Miyagi-dojo.

In the previous seasons of Cobra Kai, more & more students had joined the Cobra Kai-dojo &started using their skills for terrible things.

Amongst all this, the nefarious Terry Silver was the one responsible for operating Cobra Kai-dojo but yet maintains his persona as a philanthropic sensei & a kind soul.

Frustrated with all the chaos the duo of Johnny & Daniel prepares for the final showdown with Silver in Cobra Kai.

However, the series also portray Johnny still resolving his issues with Robbie & Miguel while Amanda, Daniel’s wife, doesn't want any of this to continue.

John Kreese is also shown in the Cobra Kai trailer & we get to see his life in prison & how he’s getting by.

Cobra Kai has marvelously continued the legacy of The Karate Kid franchise for 5 seasons now.

Once again it would be interesting to watch actors like Ralph Macchio, William, Zabka, Martin Kove, Thomas Griffith in action in COBRA KAI SEASON 5.

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