Caution! Movies  only for  HIGH IQ Individuals!

Donnie Darko  - A story of a teenager who encounters a demonic creature.

Enemy - A college professor who meets an actor who looks exactly like him!

A Beautiful Mind  Based on the tragic events of American mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr.

Barton Fink - A play writer who struggles with writer's block while writing a movie script.

Jacob's Lader - A Veteran After returning from war suffers hallucinations & scary flashbacks.

Shutter Island  Teddy Daniels a U.S. Marshal & his new partner visits Ashecliffe Hospital in the search of an escaped murderess.

Lighthouse  A story of two lighthouse keepers trying to maintain an abandoned & mysterious island.

Machinist  A factory worker who is suffering from extreme insomnia has been prompted not to sleep for a year.

Inception  A thief who steals corporate secrets using dream-sharing technology. but his tragic past leads him to disaster.

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