Chanda Kochhar: Banking Trailblazer

Chanda Kochhar, born on November 17, 1961, in Jodhpur, India, embarked on her journey to success with a strong educational foundation.

Kochhar commenced her illustrious career at ICICI Bank in 1984. Over the years, she played pivotal roles in various departments

Rapidly ascending through the ranks, Kochhar assumed leadership positions, becoming the Managing Director and CEO of ICICI Bank.

Under Kochhar's stewardship, ICICI Bank expanded globally, earning international acclaim.

She was recognized for her contribution to finance, receiving numerous awards and accolades.

Facing challenges head-on, Kochhar displayed resilience during the financial crisis. Her strategic decisions ensured ICICI Bank's stability and resilience.

Beyond banking, Kochhar actively engaged in philanthropy, contributing to social causes.

Chanda Kochhar's retirement in 2018 marked the end of a remarkable career.

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