Desi Glamour at  Never Have I Ever Premiere

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, a Tamil-Canadian actor, achieved a breakthrough at the age of 17 when she secured the role of Devi.

Now, at 21, she feels sad about having to say goodbye to that role. The role made her acting dreams come true.

Padma Lakshmi, known for her supermodel career, culinary skills as a chef, and authorship, graced the premiere with her stunning presence. 

Alongside her, actors Poorna Jagannathan and Sarita Choudhury looked absolutely beautiful, completing the star-studded event.

Richa Moorjani, known for her role as Kamala in the series, looks pretty at the event.

Melanie Chandra, known for her role in Code Black, brightens the room with a smile.

In 2014, Nina Davuluri made history as the first Indian American to be crowned Miss America.

Ami Sheth, recognized for her work in the show Dietland, is a prominent actor in the industry.

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