AMONG the major sports league, NBA has Huge Popularity around the globe and there is no doubt the NBA athletes also earn more compared to MLB & NFL.

So, here is The average pay of NBA, MLB & NFL players and it is.......

Average NBA salary is $8.32 MILLION, whereas MLB & NFL players average salaries are $4.03 MILLION & $3.26 MILLION respectively.

NBA athletes earn almost double compared to MLB & NFL players in terms of "Average Salary"

Stephen Curry the 3-POINTER KING of Golden State Warriors is the highest-paid NBA athlete with a massive salary of $48 MILLION!

In second place we have MLB athlete Max Scherzer of NEW YORK METS, he is the highest paid baseball player with a salary of $43 MILLION, still $5 MILLION short of Stephen Curry.

The NFL's highest-paid athlete is the famous Aaron Rodgers of GREEN BAY PACKERS with an enormous salary of $50 MILLION, $2 million more than CURRY, shocking, right ?

So who is your favorite major professional sports league player you love watching play?

FYI! 7 ATHLETES who played in NBA as well as in MLB!