Do you have answers to these mysteries from  The Rings of Power?

The first two episodes of "Rings of Power" have left many unsolved queries.

The Rings of Power's first two episodes titled "A Shadow of the Past" & "Adrift" have been released on Amazon Prime Video on September 01, 2022.

Who is the FALLEN STAR? A wizard, magical creature? Do you know?

Mystery #1

A broken black sword of Sauron, how it broke in the first place?

Mystery #2

A box full of mysteries. Is it the key to peace or pain?

Mystery #3

The Curious Case of Halbrand. Is he Evil or Good?

Mystery #4

Is Sauron hiding among the Elves? Or has he disappeared for good?

Mystery #5

Do you have any explanation or theory which can unravel these mysteries of  The Rings of Power?

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