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Don’t Worry Darling's Florence & Olivia Are Still Feuding

After rumors about Florence Pugh not attending Don’t Worry Darling’s premiere at Venice Film Festival she did show up but at what cost?

Florence and Olivia are in the news for having a feud for unknown reasons and it showed during the Don’t Worry Darling premiere.

Pugh skipped the press conference for Don’t Worry Darling and maintained a distance from Olivia Wilde throughout the evening.

When Don’t Worry Darling received a 4-minute standing ovation at the festival Florence ignored Wilde and left early, teary-eyed.

People who attended Don’t Worry Darling’s screening say the ovation would have lasted longer but Pugh purposefully left earlier.

The feud between Olivia and Florence has something to do with an on-set drama during Don’t Worry Darling when Shia LaBeouf was fired.

Wilde was asked about the reason for this feud with Florence and she completely declined the existence of any animosity between them.

Don’t Worry Darling has been under a LOT of scrutiny since its inception and received mediocre reviews after its premiere.

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