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Erin Moriarty Of ‘The Boys’ Feels Silenced 

Erin Moriarity who plays Starlight in Amazon’s The Boys is calling out some fans because of their toxic behavior.

Erin says she is experiencing misogynistic trolling by some fans who watch The Boys and shared an article on Instagram.

The article says there’s a great amount of hate for Starlight on social media which also attacks Moriarity’s character & affects her.

Erin captioned the article post by saying she feels silenced & dehumanized by these comments thrown at her by “fans.”

Erin continues by saying she has put her blood & sweat into the character of Starlight & has grown with it.

Moriarity thanked the writer of the article & asked The Boys' fans to stop the misogynistic trolling & show some respect & empathy.

Erin’s co-star Anthony Starr who plays 'Homelander' has also shown support for the actress & mentioned how toxicity towards her angers him.

What do you think about Erin Moriarity’s treatment by self-proclaimed fans of The Boys & do you agree with her?

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