Ezra Miller is an actor who is famous more for his controversy than his acting.

In the last few months Ezra has been arrested twice for numerous physical attacks.

Ezra Miller also faces an allegation for brainwashing a 18-year-old girl & forcefully keeping her away from her parents.

In June, Ezra was charged by the harassment-prevention courthouse on behalf of a mother & her 12-year-old child for a physical misconduct.

In August, Miller again faced charges for stealing bottles of alcohol at gun point.

In Hawaii, Ezra was arrested for hitting  a 26-year-old female on the forehead by throwing a chair. but later got to bail the same day after a fine of $500.

While, hosting a 25-year-old mother & her 3 children at his farm, Ezra Miller's guest panicked as he had unattended firearms & drugs there.

In Iceland, Miller was caught choking a woman, thankfully the woman didn't file the F.I.R.

Ezra Miller has also been accused of running a cult & having indecent relationships with minors.

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