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House of the Dragon Episode has been titled "The Rogue Prince".

Event of House of the Dragon takes a swift jump of 6 months & finds Dragonstone under the rule of Daemon Targaryen.

Whereas, King Viserys is proposed by the small council to consider the option of remarriage.

By remarrying, King Viserys could further extend his royal posterity.

But, it leads Princess Rhaenyra's position as the future heir in jeopardy & has a close-door conversation with his father King Viserys.

To further ignite the events, Daemon steals a dragon egg & Otto Hightower becomes adamant to retrieve it.

Though, Rhaenyra on her dragon Syrax approaches Dragonstone which makes her father angry at her defiance.

King Viserys finally announces to remarry Alicent Otto's daughter angering Corlys, who then allies with Daemon.

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