House Of The Dragon Renewed For Season 2 ALREADY!

House Of The Dragon has barely made it to its second episode but has already received the greenlight for a 2nd SEASON!

House Of The Dragon is a prequel to the well renowned series Game Of Thrones & is set 170 years before it.

Game Of Thrones ran for eight seasons from 2011 to 2019 & amassed a huge following which can be seen for House Of The Dragon as well..

The first episode of House Of The Dragon set a premiere record for an HBO show with 10 MILLION viewers watching it!

And according to the recent reports House Of The Dragon till date has garnered a total viewership of 20 MILLION. The renewal was well deserved!

The House Of The Dragon Season 1 depicts the glory days of the House of Targaryens & season 2 will show more of it.

House Of The Dragon is a huge success for Warner Bros after their merger with Discovery since they have been under intense scrutiny for canceling shows.

House Of The Dragon might just be the beginning of Game Of Thrones content coming to HBO since a Jon Snow sequel series is also in the works!

House of the Dragon Episode 1 OUT! Check out every detail!