Arrested at 15!

Dwayne's childhood was full of struggle, as he was arrested multiple times for theft, check frauds, and assaults.


Dwayne Johnson was heavily criticized by his fans for supporting American podcaster and N-word user 'Joe Rogan' over Spotify controversy.

Mocking the TRANS!

Johnson's ill-humored and highly stereotypical remarks over the 'TRANS Community' spurred a backlash over social media against him.

Hatred over BLACK ADAM

Johnson after the trailer launch of Black Adam had to defend his role against the fans as they considered, the character had crossed line with "Heroes don't kill people....Well, I do".

The Rock vs. John Cena

The Rock received negative comments and reaction from his then rival and fellow superstar John Cena for coming late on the sets of WWE and showing off his egoistic stardom.

Divorce Dilemma

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's divorce with her first wife Dany Garcia was finalized in 2018 as the couple were unable to meet expectations of their marriage.

Despite, all the hardships and tough times. Dwayne a.k.a THE ROCK is known as one of the most followed celebrities across the GLOBE!

ALL DWAYNE JOHNSON'S FANS are excited for his upcoming release 'BLACK ADAM' in October, 2022.

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