How Can Stephen Curry Do THIS To His Own SISTER?

Golden State Warrior star Stephen Curry got competitive during a card game & hit his sister with the ‘night, night’.

Sydel Curry-Lee, Stephen Curry’s sister tweeted on Monday “Goes to enjoy a nice family trip and end up getting “night night” by your own bro.”

After a thrilling season, Stephen and his siblings are out on their ‘Sibs&Sis’ vacation and they are surely having fun!

Curry’s ‘night night’ celebration blew up & got famous when Golden State Warriors won their 4th championship in 8 years by defeating Celtics.

Since then the gesture took over the internet & became a world phenomenon. Curry also copyrighted it, isn’t that CRAZY?

One would assume that Stephen Curry relaxes on vacations & leave his competitive spirit aside but that isn’t the case after seeing Sydel’s tweet!

Sydel however clarified her tweet and stated her tweet was satire and she loves watching her brother Curry celebrate no matter the game.

Such an amazing sibling bond is hard to witness these days. Let’s hope Stephen Curry and his siblings have an amazing vacation ahead!

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