How can Timothée Chalamet make such a statement?

Timothee Chalamet had some things to say about social media toxicity during a press conference at the Venice Film Festival 2022.

Timothee will star in Luca Guadagino’s 'Bones and All' based in the 80s, to get into his character, he quit social media & said this.

Chalamet thinks growing up in the internet generation means being intensely judged & it was nice to play characters who didn’t have social media.

Due to this social media obsession, Timothee thinks that it was hard to be alive then & "societal collapse is in the air."

Chalamet’s movie Bones and All deals with cannibalism & a young woman trying to survive during the Reagan presidency era.

The young woman named Maren is played by Timothee’s co-star Taylor Russell who shares the same concerns as him.

Russell said it’s scary how self-judgment takes over today’s kids because of social media & how hard it is to find their compass.

Let’s see how Timothee & Taylor navigate a world without Social Media in Bones and All releasing on November 23, 2022.

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