How did LeBRON JAMES logo get attached to a drug scandal?

Los Angeles Lakers' All-Star LeBron James' name has been attached to a drug seizure in Greece.

The Greek police found 300 Kg of cocaine worth $8.4 million labeled with LeBron’s logo.

The NBA is a world renowned league with some of the best players but maintaining your position within the league is a difficult task.

There have been previous instances of players going on drugs and never returning to their original state in the league.

Players like Montrezl Harrell and former NBA champion Iman Shumpert are facing felony charges for possession of drugs.

While there has been no direct connection to LeBron in this case yet, though he might find himself in a bit of trouble.

In an interrogation with the smugglers they confessed having a direct line to ‘LeBron coke’ suppliers.

There maybe a possibility that LeBron James name is just being used by criminals to tarnish his image & reputation.

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