India's AI Startups Paving the Way to a Smarter Future.

Drishti focuses on using AI and computer vision technologies to enhance manufacturing processes. Their solution involves real-time video analytics to improve productivity and quality control on the factory floor.


SigTuple utilizes AI for automated analysis of medical data, especially in diagnostics.


Wobot Intelligence specializes in using computer vision and AI to develop solutions for video analytics, including security and surveillance.

Wobot Intelligence:

Acquired by Reliance Jio, Haptik offers conversational AI solutions for businesses to enhance customer engagement.


While not exclusively an AI startup, MyGate incorporates AI for security and community management solutions for gated communities.


GreyOrange is known for its robotics and AI solutions for supply chain automation, with a focus on warehouses and distribution centers.


Flutura specializes in industrial IoT (IIoT) and AI solutions, particularly for the oil and gas industry.

Flutura Decision Sciences:

While primarily a bike taxi service, Rapido utilizes AI for optimizing ride matching and improving user experience.


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