Is Kevin Durant father of THIS actress's CHILD?

Kevin Durant has recently settled his trade arguments with the Brooklyn Nets but there is a new rumor stating he might have a CHILD.

Former adult actress turned influencer, Lana Rhoades has teamed up with infamous YouTuber Logan Paul who accidentally revealed who Lana sons’ dad is.

In the latest episode of Logan’s podcast ‘Impaulsive,’ Lana’s ex Majlak said she had a baby with an NBA player. But how did Kevin’s name come up?

Well in Logan’s classic controversial style he ‘accidentally’ blurted out a name that was bleeped from the video & people are speculating it was Durant.

Kevin Durant has been in the news with Lana Rhoades & earlier they has went on failed dates with each other. So the kid may be Durant’s.

Moreover, Lana Rhoades's baby is of mixed heritage which only adds to the speculation that Kevin might be the father. Spooky, eh?

Naturally, Rhoades wants to protect her child & therefore, hasn’t confirmed or denied any connections to NBA star Kevin Durant. So, what do you think?

Whether Kevin is the father of the child or not one thing is clear, Logan Paul will never stop stirring drama & who knows his next match might be in the streets with Kevin Durant!