Jennifer Lawrence Big Reveal over his Baby!

In her latest interview with Vogue, Jennifer Lawrence opens up about being a new mom, her kid’s name & gender.

Jennifer Lawrence has had a beautiful baby boy, Cy! She gave birth in February this year and is embracing her new role as a mother.

Jennifer reveals how scary it is to talk about motherhood because the experience varies for everyone but hers was FANTASTIC!

Lawrence had an amazing group of girlfriends who helped her throughout the pregnancy & gave realistic advice for which she is grateful.

Jennifer describes her experience as if her whole life had started over & she had a lot of appreciation for babies now.

There are still some questions Lawrence has which she humorously talks about like “what happens once the baby is no longer a baby?”

Cy was delivered without any complications but post the Roe v Wade verdict overturned, Jennifer sympathizes with people who might be forced to give birth.

Lawrence was also seen showing support for abortion rights while pregnant with Amy Schumer at the Women’s March.

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