Kevin Durant will stay with NETS but on ONE-CONDITION!

Kevin Durant the renowned NBA ALL-STAR player no longer believes his future with ‘Brooklyn Nets’ is a possibility and has requested a trade-off.

A year ago, Kevin Durant agreed for a $198 million contract extension but due to a sour turn of events it hasn’t gone as planned.

In a meeting with Joe Tsai the governor of Nets, Kevin presented a choice between him or general manager Sean Marks and coach Steve Nash.

Nash initially received Durant’s support but in his 2020 podcast Irving stated that they don’t see the team having a head coach.

There were also reports that James Harden also requested a trade-off this year because of Steve Nash’s coaching style, making him doubt his skills.

Amid the trade-off discussions revolving around Kevin Durant, ‘Boston Celtics’, ‘Toronto Raptors’ and ‘Miami Heat’ are viable candidates to sign him.

But Tsai and the Nets have made it clear that they will grab every asset from teams that try to sign Durant.

In a tweet Tsai showed support for his team and he stated, “We will make decisions in the best interest of the Brooklyn Nets”.

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