San Diego Comic Con 2022 has unveiled all the ANIMATED secrets of MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE.

On Day 3 of Comic Con 2022 Marvel has announced the following animated shows -

MARVEL'S Spider Man Freshman Year - 2024

Marvel's highly exciting animated series 'WHAT IF...?" Season 2 was announced at SDCC 2022. It will release in early 2023.

X-MEN '97 - September 2023

Marvel ZOMBIES - It's release date is yet to be announced.

Recently, Marvel Studios also released one of the 'Most Adorable Trailer of the Decade' of their upcoming animated series 'I AM GROOT'!

Marvel picked the perfect comic convention "San Diego Comic Convention 2022" to reveal all their future plans.

SDCC 2022 is a 4-days event and is considered the 'HOME of COMIC FANS and ENTHUSIASTS'.