Most Used Business & Investment Terms in Shark Tank India

Crucial in negotiations, it reflects the business's worth and influences equity distribution among sharks.


The ownership percentage sharks claim in exchange for their investment, a pivotal aspect of deal structures.

Equity Stake:

The anticipated profitability that fuels sharks' interest and guides investment decisions.

Return on Investment:

A concise presentation showcasing a business's uniqueness, aiming to captivate sharks in a brief encounter.

Elevator Pitch:

Thorough investigation by sharks to assess the business's viability, including market share and potential risks.

Due Diligence:

Negotiating power derived from competitive offers or multiple sharks expressing interest.


Legal protection for innovative products, a term often discussed for its impact on market competition.

Patent Pending:

The percentage difference between revenue and the cost of goods sold, a critical indicator of profitability.

Gross Margin:

The portion of the market a business controls, a metric sharks consider for growth potential.

Market Share:

Revenue minus the cost of goods sold, highlighting the financial health and efficiency of a business.

Gross Profit:

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