Let's Start with Today's NBA News Highlights!

The Cleveland Cavaliers have acquired Donovan Mitchell in a trade with the Utah Jazz. What a move by Cleveland, right?

The Male & Female MVPs from this year’s Basketball Without Borders were Thierry Serge Darlan and Jana El Alfy.

Rumors suggest Kevin Durant & the Brooklyn Nets are still feuding & a lot of GMs across the NBA are waiting to acquire him.

According to a survey, the Boston Celtics had the most successful off-season since their top 8 players stuck with them.

Rapper J. Cole who signed with the Scarborough Shooting Stars will appear on the cover of NBA 2K23 ‘Dreamer Edition.’

Stephen Curry was presented with the key to the city by Charlotte City Council for his exemplary achievements.

LeBron James congratulates Warriors star Stephen Curry after he graduates from Davidson College.

The New York Knicks have signed RJ Barett to a contract extension but the details were kept under wraps.

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