Donovan Mitchell currently signed with Utah Jazz can have a new team this season.

Utah Jazz seems to trade Mitchell to New York Knicks, and even Knicks seem interested to land in a star player of Mitchell's caliber!

NBA star Russell Westbrook seems to come at the end of the road with LOS ANGELES LAKERS!

Russell Westbrook is one of key players in the 'THREE-TEAMS TRADES ROULETTE'!

THREE-TEAM TRADE SCENARIO would involve Westbrook going to UTAH JAZZ, Donovan going to KNICKS,& Patrick Beverly or Malik Beasley to LAKERS!

Los Angeles Lakers are also interest in trading Cam Reddish in their roster from New York Knicks!

Myles Turner of Indiana Pacers has been the hotshot in this NBA seasons' trade rumors, & has personally mentioned he would like to stay with Pacers only!

Houston Rockets' one of the most prominent NBA star Eric Gordon has also been caught by the storm named 'trade drafts' & let's see in which colors we will see Gordon this NBA season 2022-23.

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