OH! So this actress would play ANNE HECHE in her BIOPIC!

Actress Anne Heche who passed away in a car crash & then declared dead on August 12, 2022 talked about future biopic plans before her death.

In a podcast with “Behind the Velvet Rope” she talked about biopic plans & which actress would be suitable to play her role.

The host of the podcast David Yontef released the episode with Anne Heche this Tuesday.

David Yontef in his podcast explicitly asked Anne Heche choice in selecting a actress she would want to portray her in her biopic.

Heche prompt reply was either Miley Cyrus or Kristen Bell.

As Anne Heche had been an admirer of Cyrus & Bell for a long time & believed that both the actress have the power to face the world & are extremely talented.

Heche further added to the question of 'WHY Miley Cyrus' she is a great actress & a fierce entertainer.

For Kristen Bell, Anne said that she has a personality full of joy, charm, & wonderful sense of humor.

As a fan, whom do you want to play the role of Anne Heche, Miley Cyrus or Kristen Bell ?

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