OKAY! So this is how LeBron James became a BILLIONAIRE!

LeBron James, the first ever active billionaire in NBA history acquired his wealth all thanks to his uncle’s advice.

Since Michael Jordan has retired from basketball, LeBron James is the ONLY active billionaire to remain in this sport.

The four-time NBA MVP James is the highest earning player of Los Angeles Lakers at $121 MILLION/year on &off-court.

LeBron James was also listed on Forbes’ 10 Highest-Paid Athletes of 2022 trailing right behind Lionel Messi at the first position.

James has earned a combined $387 MILLION from the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, & Los Angeles Lakers.

King James has also earned $900 MILLION from ventures & endorsements like Nike sponsorship & from his own video manufacturing firm.

While James current pre-tax income sits at $1.2 BILLION, he recalls his uncle’s advice from his childhood.

In an ‘Uninterrupted’ podcast LeBron James says, “My uncles always taught me how to have a savings account."

James' uncles would used to give him $1 and ask him to spend 35 cents while saving the remaining 65 cents.

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