Olivia Rodrigo's 'Guts': A Melodic Journey Through All 12 Songs

It is a delightfully chaotic anthem that sees Rodrigo playfully navigating revenge, reconciliation, and a whole lot of fun, making it a standout moment on the album and a 2023 pop highlight.

Get Him Back

Guts 'All-American B–ch' showcases Rodrigo's unmatched talent for genre-blending, with a nod to her own award acceptance speeches in the unforgettable outro.

All-American B–ch

This theatrical No. 1 hit brings a broader, dramatic flair to the album while maintaining its emotional intensity, making it a bold standout." It's no wonder that 'Vampire' takes the third spot on 'Guts.


Released as Guts' second single in August, 'Bad Idea Right?' gains depth with every listen, showcasing Rodrigo's nuanced vocals and her candid self-awareness as she navigates her choices.

Bad Idea Right?

Olivia Rodrigo's 'Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl' blends '90s alt-rock vibes with relatable tales of awkwardness, delivering a powerful and emotionally resonant experience.

Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl

New wave enthusiasts and post-breakup self-discoverers will connect with this song. Rodrigo's genre exploration and candid lyrics shine as she reflects on young heartbreak and self-discovery.

'Love is Embarrassing

Rodrigo's new 'Teenage Dream' delves into the complexities of outgrowing teen-icon status. Guts closes with a stirring piano ballad that confronts the fear of being pigeonholed in the artistry.

Teenage Dream

In 'Pretty Isn't Pretty,' Rodrigo unflinchingly addresses the harsh realities modern society imposes on young women, offering no quick fixes for the insecurities that plague us all.

Pretty Isn’t Pretty

Rodrigo confronts the difficulty of forgiveness in 'The Grudge,' Her vulnerability is beautifully expressed as she navigates the aftermath of a painful breakup.

The Grudge

Tracks like 'Making the Bed' explore the intersection of pop stardom pressures and the universal desire to escape from the known reality, as Rodrigo reflects on her dreams and aspirations.

Making the Bed

"Olivia Rodrigo reflects on falling into the 'I can fix him' trap in her poignant piano ballad 'Logical' from her album 'Guts,' exploring the illusion of changing someone for the better and the regret that follows."


Rodrigo's finger-picked folk-pop style glimpsed in 'Sour,' takes center stage in 'Lacy.' The song delves into her feelings of jealousy, with her vocals transitioning into a scornful whisper.


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