LORD MORPHEUS a.k.a The King of Dreams get's capture in an occult ritual which imprisons him for 106 YEARS in the WAKING WORLD!

After his release, Morpheus return to his world 'DREAMING' to his shock everything is destroyed and gone, to restore it, he requires his pouch of sand, helm, & ruby, as they were stolen from him.

The King of Dreams retrieve his pouch of sand from an old acquaintance called Constantine, as the pouch was with her girlfriend.

The Sandman a.k.a Morpheus gets his 'HELM' from HELL ruled by LUCIFER MORNINGSTAR as it's with one of the demon, after defeating Lucifer, Morpheus get's his 'HELM' back.

Morpheus played by Tom Sturridge retrieves his all-powerful ruby from a man named 'JOHN BURGESS'/DOCTOR DESTINY by sending him into a long-term sleep.

Morpheus get's all his tools back and decided to meet her ENDLESS sister 'DEATH' meanwhile his another sibling 'DESIRE' plots to kill THE SANDMAN a.k.a THE KING OF DREAMS!

Morpheus get's to know about an imminent threat, about the 'VORTEX' that could destroy the entire DREAMING REALM along with the WAKING WORLD!

ROSE WALKER is revealed to be the VORTEX & one of the rogue nightmares CORINTHIAN tries to persuade Rose to kill The Sandman or else he will kill her.

In the end, Morpheus convinces Rose to sacrifice herself, leading him to kill the CORINTHIAN in the process, and restore balance in the DREAMING as well as the WAKING WORLD.

Morpheus begins killing Rose, but get's interrupted by Unity Kincaid (great-grandmother of Rose) who demands her life to be taken in exchange of Rose. At the end, it's revealed that DESIRE was the mastermind of this evil scheme to destroy THE SANDMAN!