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BFFs in the Spotlight: Taylor Swift and Her A-List Pals

Swift incorporated Lively's children's names into her songs, directed a music video, and partied together.

Blake Lively & Taylor Swift

Lifelong friends who supported each other through thick and thin in the industry.

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift

Bonded over a song about a mutual ex and later seen supporting each other in public.

Sophie Turner and Taylor Swift

Collaborators who share a deep understanding of each other's fame.

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran

ollaborated on a song, with Swift expressing admiration for Del Rey's talent.

Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey

Hadid joined Swift's squad, starred in a music video, and received a handmade gift for her child from Swift.

Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift

Their friendship blossomed after collaborating on a music video, with O'Brien.

Dylan O'Brien and Taylor Swift

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