This DC Superhero Will Be Seen In Black Adam!

Henry Cavill might return as Superman in DCs Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson.

DC fans have been curious about Superman’s future. especially, after the Warner Bros & Discovery merger, we know they are looking to ‘revitalize’ the character.

No upcoming Superman movies have been announced yet but there are rumors that Henry Cavill shot some scenes for Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam.

Dwayne teased that he crossed paths with The Man of Steel while on set & a new report suggests that Henry will appear in a post-credit scene.

So while Cavill might not play a significant role in Black Adam we can assume that some future Superman projects are in the making.

The idea to bring Superman into Black Adam came from Dwayne Johnson himself as he talked about a face-off between the two during Comic-Con.

Henry Cavill reportedly shot the scenes in early August wearing his Man Of Steel costume so this is a pretty late addition to the movie.

If the report about Superman’s appearance in Black Adam is real or not can only be seen on October 21st when it hits theaters!

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