Tom Brady has SUDDENLY gone on a BREAK but WHY 

Tom Brady's recent announcement of leaving NFL pre-season for some time has made everyone surprised.

Buccaneers' coach announced and declared that Brady would be having some time off during preparation & the initial two rounds of the preseason game at Tennessee.

Everyone was excited to see Tom Brady's game against Miami Dolphins, but the excitement has now turned into a disappointment.

Tom Brady also missed practice on this Thursday & is expected to not return any way before August 20.

Todd Bowles who is Tampa Bay Buccaneers' coach, said "Tom has been excused today as he's going to deal with some personal things".

Bowles didn't elaborately explained on the justification for Tom Brady's absence.

But Bowles said, "We trust him & we have discussed it. It was planned way prior to training camp".

Though, Buccaneer's star Brady will be back in the lineup for next month's regular season

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