Unbelievable! Is Kevin Durant going to Memphis Grizzlies?

Kevin Durant Trade rumors have once again been fueled with life as Memphis Grizzlies are now interested in landing Kevin Durant to their current roster.

In June 2022, Durant for the first time presented a trade request to his current team Brooklyn Nets & teams like the Celtics, Raptors, & Heat seemed as the frontrunner in acquiring him.

But, none of them are yet to land Durant on their squad owing to large monetary demands from the Nets side.

But, Memphis Grizzlies have just picked up the pace in Kevin Durant trade rumors & are interested in presenting him the deal as a first-round pick.

Though the Grizzlies have explicitly mentioned signing Durant but not by offering the likes of Bane & Jackson.

Even, though reports also surfaced of Golden State Warriors signing Durant, however, Warriors' manager shut that rumor in an instant.

Reports also state that if Durant is acquired by Memphis Grizzlies then they would be the serious contender for the 2023 NBA CHAMPIONSHIP!

So, what do you think will Memphis Grizzlies be able to sign Kevin Durant or not?

Brooklyn Nets wants DURANT but on their own terms!