Unknown Facts about Kevin Durant!

 Kevin Durant has 15 known tattoos on his body. One of them is his grandma's house where he spends lots of time as a kid.

In 2011, Kevin Durant & Lebron James recorded the track "It ain't Easy" which is about their journey to the NBA.

Kevin Durant is also a photographer as he covered the Super Bowl 50 event for The Players' Tribune.

In his growing years, Kevin Durant wanted to be a WEATHERMAN! even released the Nike KD weatherman series.

KD loves playing video games at a younger age and also plays video games in his free time.

In the 2012 movie "Thunderstruck", Durant played himself. WOW, KD an actor!

Kevin Durant is a kind man known as in the Foot Locker commercial, he was called the "Nicest Guy in the NBA".

Durant has won 2 of the 4 NBA All-Star H–O–R–S–E Competition.

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