San Diego Comic Con is also known as San Diego Comic Con International is a comic book convention organized annually.

SDCC is a 4-day event held at San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California.

San Diego Comic Con began in 1970 by the name of 'Golden State Comic Book Convention'.

The convention began especially for comics, sci-fi, fantasy, and fiction related stuff.

One of the founder Shel Dorf expected that the convention could muster the interest of mere mere 500 attendees.

The Comic-Con was founded by a group of comic-nerds or enthusiasts Shel Dorf, Richard Alf, Ken Krueger, Ron Graf, and Mike Towry.

San Diego Comic Con since its inception has become one of the most anticipated event of the year with a staggering foot-fall of 150, 000 comic-fans.

SDCC has provided platform for popular comics giants like Marvel, DC, and various genres to announce their future projects amidst their huge fandom.

This year's San Diego Comic Con will begun from July 21, 2022 and last till July 24, 2022.

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