What every LeBron James FAN MUST know about HIM!

37-year-old Billionaire LeBron James has been playing basketball for pretty much his whole life which is why he is an NBA LEGEND!

King James made his debut in 2003! Which means in 2022 he has lived longer as an NBA player than a mere mortal.

This achievement is proof of LeBron James’ longevity & success as an athlete and how he still has miles to go ahead of him.

LeBron finished his 2021-22 season with a 30.3 PPG which is second only to Joel Embiid by 0.3 PPG at age 37.

James continues to be an all-round star player with a total of 37000+ points, 10,200+ rebounds, & 10,000+ assists.

Apart from this LeBron has selections in 18 All-Star and All-NBA matches which is the highest of all-time and 4 championships as well!

Outside of his basketball career, King James entrepreneurial endeavors & contributions to social work have brought him to his current status.

When made aware of this new achievement about his longevity, LeBron James responded through an Instagram story captioned “BLESSED”

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