What Is Kobe Bryant’s $75 MILLION Dollar Lawsuit About?

On Kobe Bryant’s 44th birthday his wife Vanessa’s attorney has asked the jury to deliver justice on Kobe & daughter Gianna’s behalf.

It was the final day of testimony in Vanessa Bryant’s civil trial where her attorney has asked for $75 MILLION compensation in Kobe’s crash photos case.

Chris Chester, who also lost his wife and daughter in the same helicopter crash, has also asked for a hefty sum for their emotional distress.

Chris and Vanessa’s attorney asks for $2.5 million each for their emotional distress and $1 million for each year of their future distress – 40 years for Bryant and 30 for Chester.

The case was first filed by Vanessa Bryant and Chris Chester when The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy took close-up shots of victims' bodies including Kobe.

Vanessa and Chris stated that deputy had no reason to click these pictures and they are concerned it might get leak because of Kobe’s status.

In the closing arguments Bryant’s attorney says "Kobe, Gianna and the victims’ lives cannot come with a price tag and therefore, the amount is not much".

There are a lot of contradicting statements but the county is set to give its closing argument to the jury this Wednesday on August 24, 2022.

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